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Unifab Kenya Limited is proud to have collaborated with one of the leading clothing manufacturer Blaiva Fabricaa Pvt. Ltd., India. The control of the production from yarn to material is upheld in every aspect to finish fashion garments. The Surat based mother company of Unifab has gained a commendable position in the industry for providing style and comfort fabric to the client’s world over. Having a joint venture with one of the leading manufacturers Unifab happy to deal with East African countries.

Following proper values and quality standards, we have ensured growth and quality by understanding the needs of the customers and providing our best services. Also providing the precise products in deadline has helped us gained reputation and due respect. Our in-house production and manufacturing process is stern as per the quality guidelines and under the skillful supervision. We, by our hard toil and honesty, believe in maintaining healthy business relations across the globe. Our business analysts work best by helping the company provide market strategies to reach it’s ultimate utilizing the maximum potential.

We are known to supply the quality that reflects complete competence with the best quality of the fabric. We offer our clients with exceedingly trendy uniforms designed with specific fabrics. Quality is an important part of our entire infrastructural capability and we give severe quality checks to every minute surface of products. We intend to shape good corporate relations across the world. All the products are approved through demanding quality checks and confirmed through international standard and norms of the industry. We are duly updated with industries and technology. Our manufacturing techniques are well updated with the latest technologies and demand of the clients. Products we offer are not only best in quality but we offer well-matched rates and thus our products have value for money.

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